May. 18th, 2011

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Oh dear, oh dear!
Around the age of 8 I started watching the Animals of Farthing Wood. It took me fifteen years, but once I started work I finished my collection of books (all with matching cover art), and began work looking for the figures, the pretty books I saw in the library as a child, the videos, and finally hoping for DVDs... I just love the AOFW. This is releted to my collection of fox toys.

I also have an extensive collection of TY Beanie cats (the cats were always cuter then the dogs despite me being a dog fan rather then a cat fan... My first beanie was a cat!), a set of My little ponys that have found a forever home (kidhood pony luff...), Stuffed toy spaniels (I miss my dogs)... and this was before my adulthood set in.

Since the return of Who I've also become a collector of the figures, though due to space constraints I've had to start sharing with my brother. But between us we have a huge collection of the action figures (They're fabulous, especially for picspamming/storyboarding!) I have most of the cards from the latest card games (plus older card games and the star trek card games, all of which I was given by my b/f) because they're just so imaginative sometimes.

I collect music. The bedroom is packed full of CDs and most of my best, most expensive and most used possessions are music releted. I like a lot of stuff and I love making CD mixes to send... but only physical ones. For some reason, I just love the physicalness of having a disc or a tape with a really fabulous mix on it. I think this goes back to music exchanging with some of my best mates when I was younger.

Strangely, I also collect sketchbooks. It's a paper thing - I find out what type of pad I draw best on (and yes, there is a sketchbook that consistently produces better results... unfortunately I've never found another of this brand) and what different papers can take. I just love opening a pad and seeing all this scribble inside. And I'm always sure I'm running out of paper... and forget there's 6 A4 sketchpads upstairs in a box on top of the Amstrad.

Which brings me to Games systems/old computers. Our house is like a museum. Computer wise, we probably have a chunk of EVERYTHING around here. Games system wise, Nintendo or Sony and we've probably got one (excepting the NES/SNES). We rarely give our games away - we always come back to them. And our Amstrad is about twenty-five years old and still running!

And, though this is more of a Kleptomania thing then a collection... I have a stack of beermats.

There's probably more then that - I'm awful for clutter. But this is all I can think of right now...

(what an appropriate song!)


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