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Birthdate:Feb 28
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
"HEY now, little mouse!
I hope we understand one-another
HEY now, little mouse!
Show me what to do (little mouse!)
HEY now, little mouse!
Don't be scared of the cat in the parlour
HEY now, little mouse!
Show me what to do
(It's enough for me and you)"

-Look around you :D<--new friends, heres my random talk about me :D

ht tp://w <-- Girls, give it a look!

Oz : I saw Barry's missus having it off behind his back!
Bomber : What? Who with?
Dennis : Her brother!
Bomber : Except in certain parts of Shropshire, thats illegal isn't it?
(Auf wiedersehen pet, series 3)

Firstly. This is the world through MY eyes and no-one elses. If you're offended by the things you see, that's not my problem, You have been warned. I never force people to read this. I speak only for myself. And as an individual, I have a right to do so.

I'm British, and I like to sing, draw, read and write, swim, cycle, play on the playstation, and hug. I'm strange.
We have two pets; A foot-long goldfish and an odd green canary. Seifer Shirley Bob (His Bobness) the goldfish is a fruitloop, and shall steal your souls. Jasper the stupid canarything is... a bit stupid.
I also have a little brother who I love dearly, except when he smells and when he tries to push past my computer seat to the bathroom.
Since 3rd January 2004 I've been seeing somebody I like to call Kibble, although seeing isn't really the word judging by the distance between us...

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

I like Anime and manga, comedy (preferably british but i also like M*A*S*H, 3rd rock, Scrubs, Roseanne and other USA ones). I like a lot of music from many Genres, my faves are Daft Punk and Robbie Williams, classical (NOT opera), 90s pop, 80's stuff, 00-ies rock ect, a teeny bit of dance-pop, anything insane, and others. I'm addicted to that damn John Barrowman despite not watching him on TV, and getting to be quite a fan of David McCallum and Robert Vaughn, and others from the 60s.
Doctor Who turned 40 in 2003. I celebrated by being happy. Very happy. I love Doctor Who, and have done so since 1988/89, when I was 4/5. It got me through some really rough stuff at university. That said, I am curently not watching NewWho. I will do so in a couple of years, when the "OMG WHO IS SO COOL!" fangirls give it a rest *nods*
And I like the Marx brothers.

I am pro-choice, don't conform to any religion (I don't know if there is a god/gods or not, but I think provided I am a good person no decent omnipotent being could hold this against me)
I have very complicated beleifs regarding animal testing and animal rights, but this is not something I wish to argue about.

At the moment I'm writing lots, and painting and doing my creative thing. I was a 2nd year University student until I went mad up there and dropped out. Now I work for the NHS - Sometimes I love, sometimes I hate.
On top of that I still live with parents, so you'll hear about them - they need dealing with!
I also have irrational fears/neurosis and am a probably sufferer of ADHD. Yes. I have to work on these things, but I beleive my strength lies in my ability to work through these things myself.
Work is currantly pretty okay. Neurosis are stabilising. Learning to drive was funny with neurosis :D

I'm also doing certain open university courses. But I'm not telling which ones :p

My philosophy on life (When I remember it) is that you have to live life for the moment. Take every second and enjoy it. My time at uni will be a constant reminder to me about just how low my mood and quality of life can go. I never intend to put myself in that position again, and neither should anybody else. If you feel upset or sad or angry at something, CHANGE IT. And don't listen to country music, new scientist says it increases the rate of suicides amoungst Americans (the rest of the world not studied)

And I'm um... a bit of a pessimist, despite that...

One final thing : I'm friends only for a reason. If you want me to be your friend, add me as yours and i'll come check you out (be patient though!) I only usually add people I've talked to previously in communities, but hey, I don't mind who you are! :) I do have problems with people adding me because they've met me through a mutual friend, unless that person has specifically said to go ahead. If you're a member of one of the communities I'm also a member of, drop by and say hello to me and I'm more likely to say hello and add you ^_^ ... If you're a friend of a friend, can you ask that person first please? I like to be polite. I don't like to break up friendships, I've had too much of that already. Being in the middle of a big argument is never fun.
In a similar vein, please be polite if you start talking with other people in my journal. I don't like to ban people if i can help it but if you consistently upset my other friends I will.

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bekkypk got their NeoPet at

I used to post too much. Sometimes I post too little. There's no happy medium I'm afraid.


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