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I said a few days ago I'd been given a copy of Nosferatu for Christmas and that I'd like to review it. Now, I'm not a lot of good at reviewing - I get too over excited about films I love. I also took nearly 800 caps of the 90 minute film while I was watching it, so you could also say I'm not really a good judge of how best to cut down that number. Theres a lot of caps behind this link (But don't worry, it's less then a hundred. If you have a lot of trouble downloading it might be best for you to check out the gallery ( and view them one by one. A lot of my review is done in comments to the caps. It's also become less a review, and more a noting of key points and thoughts, as the story progresses.


I recently argued with somebody over why Nosferatu should still be around at all. Nosferatu is not... scary. Not to people in this modern age. But it still sends a tingle down my spine. It employs the old tactic of minimal use of the monster, to produce maximum effect.

I hope these caps help show people why the film deserves to be remembered, inspires some people to go out and buy the film, and encourages people to watch it from time to time.

So, here we go!

Horrifying :D

Onwards to Nosferatu, not dial up happy :D )


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